Axximum at its Core

Axximum Business Solutions is a data-driven AI organization established in the year 2017. We provide various cutting edge services such as Data annotation, Geospatial services, Healthcare and so much more. Our innovations and trends empower organizations with leverage that no one else could provide. Our ultimate asset is our broad range of professional services in the field of AI that helps handle several operations with ease.

Having demonstrated remarkable growth since our inception, emerging as one of the prominent quality-driven global technology companies in the world.

Axximum has robust contacts with its clients and established global business transformations. We offer an in-depth analysis of business strategies while solving the needs of every client through customized solutions. We value client satisfaction, employee empowerment and innovation, which is why we have proved to be among the top performing and fast-growing companies in this industry.

How We Work

Fixing Objective

The type of annotation that is required and the scale at which it needs to be done is first thought about thoroughly before execution

Smart Execution

We devise the latest software and quality annotators to finish the tasks before the timeline as much as possible, tackling the load efficiently.

Fast Deployment

No matter how large scale or small scale the project is, our goal is to finish the task with 100% precision, accuracy and fast deployment.

Our Data Annotation Techniques

Our data annotation techniques utilise advance tools to render each image in an easy to recognize format for machines or computer vision, while labelling data for several entities.

Bounding Box

Semantic Segmentation

3D Point Cloud

3D Cuboid



Data Annotation that Empowers

Image Annotation

Efficient labelling and classifying images utilising text, and our annotation tools, to show data features that are required for recognition.

Video Annotation

Preparing your dataset for training deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML) models is essential, which is why we help with quality video annotation.

Text Annotation

Every project has different requirements and large annotated text datasets are our forte’ which is useful for training NLP algorithms.

Content Moderation

Filtering content manually can be tedious, use the best content moderation algorithm to help with screening content.

Industries that are assisted with AI

Self Driving

AI technology powered self-driving car systems

Health Care

Helps to mimic human cognition in health analysis

AI in Retail

Enables retail systems to hone customer experiences

Autonomous Flying

Self-piloting urban air vehicles & cargo drones


Helps to automate tasks inside and outside of factory


Autonomously identifies or responds to cyber threats

Satellite Imagery

Detects various objects by monitoring in space


Helps to enhance crop production, monitoring, etc.,

Our Services

Devising Innovative Solutions

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