What is 3D Cuboid Annotation?

3D cuboid annotation can make indoor objects easily recognizable for AI perception models, 2D images can be used with this technology to help with computer vision, A 3D simulated scenario is constructed by cameras to build it.

Depth recognition is possible through 3D Cuboid Annotation and even 2D images can be used to reconstruct real life environments. It is one of the most critical processes required for machine learning and enables recognition for three dimensions by machines.

Application in Robotics

Computer Vision or Cybernetic Vision is guided through 3D Cuboid Annotation which helps figure out three dimensional data for ease of moving around and recognizing certain objects. Each image is annotated in a precise manner that covers all the dimensions which help in recognition.

3D Enabled perception is is quite useful for robotics and self-driving cars as well. This segmentation helps in training AI robots which can be used for warehousing and storage purposes.

At Axximum, we provide the 3D Cuboid Annotation Service for machine learning with the best level of accuracy.

Precise Segmentation of Objects

Autonomous machines like robots can be trained better with 3D cuboid annotated images, which makes the objects recognizable and helps make things familiar for real life usage.

Varied Indoor Objects can be easily identified with precision to the pixel. In-depth object detection can be trained into machines with the use of 3D Cuboid Annotation.

At Axximum, we value precision with each service we provide and each 3D Cuboid Annotation goes through well trained and qualified annotators. We ensure consistency of accuracy through multiple quality checks.

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