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What is

Video Annotation?

Video annotation is a process of adding metadata (tag or labels) to unlabeled video to train a machine learning algorithm. It can be any type of tagging or labeling, ranging from image to full segmentation. In this process, each and every pixel is annotated with semantic meaning.

A human-powered annotated video dataset has an effective impact on machine learning systems in a wide range of industries, right from autonomous vehicles to manufacturing operations. At Axximum, we have experienced human annotators who provide quality with their exceptional skills, while utilizing technology to satisfy all video annotation needs with ultimate speed and precision.

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Objects Tracking

For Self-driving Cars

Video annotation provides a meticulous visual perception of self-driving autonomous vehicles by identifying various objects like cycles, pedestrians, signals, two-wheelers, traffic signboards and moving vehicles, among much more. Axximum provides frame annotation services for object tracking using video annotation tools that help build a successful AI model for autonomous vehicles.

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Semantic Segmentation

For Video Annotation System

In the process of video annotation, images are annotated using various image annotation techniques by labeling either certain parts or forming full segmentation of the image with semantic meaning. For a visual-based perception model, Axximum uses high quality video segmentation annotation to help the computer vision model work.

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Human Activity

Pose Recognition

Video segmentation annotation helps us recognize and identify day-to-day human activities, behaviors, and postures. An accurate video annotation helps artificial intelligence systems to recognize facial expressions and postures of humans while doing some actions. At Axximum, we use futuristic software to recognize and track human actions.

We provide a complete range of video annotation services with high accuracy to help machine learning systems achieve 100% understanding and in-depth knowledge of the object and humans on the entire video.

Precision at its Finest. Annotation Like Never Before

Quality & Precision

Precision is everything when it comes to managing data annotations. Machine learning is tedious and requires precise & quality data.

Security With Privacy

Certified with SOC 2 TYPE 1, we maintain latest industry standards in terms of data security while working for our clients & ensuring privacy.

Scalable Service

Automating our processes & utilising skilled professionals to deliver results on time no matter how large, a complete scalable solution.