Why Landmark Annotation?

Landmark point annotation is utilised to make the human face recognizable to machines, this helps in constructing computer vision in an efficient way that gives value for "attention to detail".

Dots or points are used to cover the entire face which helps in measuring the face dimension and other features that can be stored for machines for later use when the same face appears before the computer vision.

First and foremost use of landmark annotation is to recognize the face precisely for AI models based on visual perception as a function. Smartphones and AI cameras use this technology to recognize the human face and authenticate the entry.

Sports Analytics Made Easy

Landmark Annotation is useful for recognizing human facial expressions and emotions, but that is not all, it can also be used to detect human figures while predicting the poses with accuracy. An individual player can be tracked by a computer vision which measures the posture of athletics even in a group of players, while performing an action.

Understanding human postures in sports is now easier for Computer Vision, landmark annotation is best for training AI and ML models that feature this purpose.

Face Gesture Recognition

Key point landmark annotation can help recognize human face gestures through precise labeling, the movement trajectory is estimated for each point in motion which helps machines understand human gestures or expressions.

Applications of landmark annotation are several, one of them is creating a facial recognition application, which is high in demand for many purposes.

Robots that can identify their owners and apps that can use facial recognition for special effects or authentication purposes are plenty. Axximum provides advanced level of accuracy for landmark annotation services.

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