Lane Detection through Polyline

With the help of polyline annotation, it is easier to train vehicle perception models to detect the lane accurately while in motion. With Axximum's line, polyline and spline annotation services, high-quality machine learning training data sets are a given for autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars.

All vehicle perception models must be able to detect an accurate line along with the length of drivable area on the road. Polyline annotations help self driving vehicles by detecting the lanes accurately, splines are curved lines defined by a mathematical equation. The right directions can be instructed onto the data model for smooth driving.

Accurate Path Detection

A path can be defined for visual perception models through polyline and spline annotation which can be equip autonomous vehicles to detect lanes on roads, highways or city streets. Road lanes can become easily recognizable to drive using the right polyline annotation.

Raw data is needed heavily so that the models are trained to a crisp, our annotators label the lanes using polyline, lines or spline annotations techniques. At Axximum, you can only expect the best for your machine learning processes.

Road Surface Marking

It is crucial to help vehicle perception models recognize various types of road surface marking, because in doing so, the data models learn to identify different lanes, segmented lanes, and boundaries of the driving area to correctly determine the path that it needs to be on.

Self-driving cars use polyline annotation for precision and accurate road surface marking makes the entire road recognizable for such visual based perception models.

Axximum draws a line parallel to such road surface marking with the help of experts for developing high-quality training data sets for autnomous vehicles. We can create huge amount of data for Polyline image annotation needs, which is affordable and of industry quality. This helps machine learning engineers develop a robust and successful AI model which can be used for self-driving cars.

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