What exactly is Polygon Annotation?

For a visual perception model, it is important to receive and process data that surrounds it, for that it requires training data. Polygon annotation tools are quite handy because they are better than bounding box annotations which are rather simple. Polygon annotation tool or any other tool for that matter helps render image data into labeled images with clean annotation, for data.

Polygon annotation captures more lines and more angles when compared to bounding box annotation. Clicking particular points to plot vertices of an object tend to be more helpful, which is what is done with polygon annotation, annotators now have freedom to best represent an entity’s original shape.

Precise Localization

It ensures precise locallization for any object, detecting the exact shape and size of the object in question through points marked in all 3 dimensions.

While encountering irregular objects it is mandatory to use polygon annotation, because it is capable of receiving more shapes and angles than its other data annotation counterparts.

At Axximum, our polygon annotation services use segmentation masks to get the most precise image annotation, so that you can train your machine learning model to do better.

Polygon Annotation Applications

It is common to see polygon annotation being used for semantic and instance segmentation, where particular objects are classified into certain categories and instances of that categories. In data annotation, precision is quite important, let's check its applicability:

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Irregular Object Identfication
  • Agriculture Pattern Recognition

At Axximum, we ensure that all of our services are consistent with quality and use advanced software for polygon annotation processes, which are highly verified by experienced annotators.

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